Assignment 10

Youre doing great work Tariel!!!

Here are some exercise in WordPress

  1. —Install a plugin called “If Menu”. It allows you to have certain menu options show only under certain conditions. After you have installed and activated. Go into Appearance -> menu item for Log in, open it up and you will see an option there to only display if you are not logged in. Set that

— Explore in WORDPRESS

1). GO into Appearance under Widgets. Widgets are the different areas of you screen. Change the widget by dragging and dropping other widget from the left to the right and save. Then, go and look at how it looks

2). Go into Media -> Library and trry to upload some picture from your desktop, then save it. Then go into a a post and do add media and see if you can figure out how to display it in a post. Be sure to save

3). Go into Users and Add a new user name and password. Then, log out and back in see if you can get in by new name. Look at the different levels of access you can give to the user. Change that at least once and see how it behaves differently once you are in the system

4). Go into Comments. You have 3 comments. 2 are people who got to your site and created a comment with some kind of robot program. Figure out how to delete those. It is a 2 step process. You have to move to trash and then emptry trash


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