Assignment 4

Hi Tariel,

The image tag right now the way it is coded is looking for the photo to be in the dev folder. You need to tell it to be exactly where the photo is located. i will create a way for you to put photos on your site later. I think you did it correctly. Were you able to do the other PHP assignment, getting the button click to take you to a new program?

New Assignment


You will learn how to install a plugin. Plugins are a powerful way to increase the functionality  in your WordPress site.

  1.  from Dashboard click click Plugin->Add New
  2.  In search box, Keyword type Count Per day and hit Enter. Count Per Day is a plugin that maintains statistics on how times people go to your pages.
  3. Click Install, then click Activate
  4.  Go look at Count Per Day. It should show up as a selection under Dashboard near top. Look at that page. Over time it will start to build stats you can look at from time to time


PHP programs run like HTML only instead of extension .html they are .php

You assignment is to write a PHP program. All the changes that are requirement are

1). save the code below as a file called my.php


echo “<html><body><form method=’post’>my text</form></body></html>”;

2) Then acces it by this in URL


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