Know you can do anything if you just believe.

Even though, The medical system acknowledges that I’m disabled doesn’t mean I don’t have the ability to achieve my goals in life. Since I been in the wheelchair I finished high school, college, and an IT job training. I still have more goals to complete, and when the goals are met I will make new ones. I’m going to talk to everyone that think since we are called disables doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s only about people mindset such as if you think you can’t do anything that means you not going to try to do things. You should have a mindset like if you can’t do it right now you can later, and try again and again until you find a way to achieve your goals. Show people that miracles happen every day, and know your miracles will come.


1 thought on “Know you can do anything if you just believe.

  1. Tariel, you are absolutely right. If we set a goal, we can achieve it …by God’s grace. Thanks, Joel. Good job on your post. Feel free to post more

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