Assignment 2

Hey Tariel, great job on assignment 1!


1). Log into administrator mode in WordPress to see what WordPress internally looks like. To do that go to

2). Enter credentials ID tarielf and Password ‘Tariel1’ and log in

3). Look around WordPress. Familiarize your self with the dashboard. You can do anything you want in here to experiment, try things, make things happen. Don’t worry about breaking anything, this is for your learning

4). Click on Posts and try to add a new posts. Maybe you can just write short post on your first lesson. Give it a title and body text. In the bottom right of screen give the post  a category of “Tariel’s Posts”. When you are done click publish. Go out of WordPress completely and come back in, not to Admin but regular. Then click on Tariels Posts and you should see your ppost


  1. Google HTML Table border and figure out how to set a border on your table
  2.  Learn how to make multiple columns in table. There will be additional <TD></TD> entries within <TR>
  3.  Within the 2 <body> tag put <form> and </form> tag. Then Google and see if you can figure out how to add an <input> object where you actually enter something in a data field

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