Assignment 1

Hi Tariel,  let’s get started:

I will be giving you assignments in WordPress, html, PHP and MySQL

WordPress is what runs this website

We will start with a few simple html/php assignement

My suggestion is have 3 tabs or browser sessions

1). This one WordPress

2). URL    Thatt is your php editor, a simple program I wrote

3). www/    That will automatically bring up the default web page index.html or index.php

The first assignements

1). Go to autil browser (2nd), type index.html and hit  Open

2). if the document had already existed it would show you document. because it didn’t it will show error messages

3). wipe out the error messages and put <html><body> some text</body></html>. This is all you need for a simple html doc

4). Hit save.

5). Go browser 3 and reload. It should show up

6) Go in and make changes. Google HTML Table and figure out how to add a table to the page. All HTML tag start and end like this < >.


If you get stuck on anything don’t hesitate to text me



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